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Happy National Pool Opening Day!

Wait—you’ve never heard of this holiday before? If you’re a pool owner, this is definitely something you should be aware of! Let me give you the quick and dirty on this special holiday you’ll come to cherish for years to come.

The last Saturday in the month of April has been deemed “National Pool Opening Day” where pool owners across the country prepare their swimming pools for a glorious summer of fun, relaxation and all around enjoyment inside their man-made nautical oasis.

Okay, so maybe not everyone opens their pool on this particular day—some might open them earlier or some even later. However, National Pool Opening Day is the perfect opportunity to get geared up for a splish-splashy summer. So we want to bring you a few fun facts and tips in honor of this momentous occasion, and get you in the mood for what watery adventures will come your way.

Not Just a Pool You don’t just own a swimming pool. A swimming pool has far more benefits than it gets credit for. Not only do you enjoy a swimming pool by hosting fun events with your friends and family, but it does great things for your mind and body. Physical exercise is a huge benefit when it comes to owning a pool. When you work out inside a pool, your moves are anchored by the water’s resistance, which increases the workout you’re doing. Exercising in a pool gives our bodies the chance to do many things that we are unable to do on dry land. Let’s not forget that pools can also be a great way to reduce stress levels and even help with regulating your body temperature if it’s an unspeakably hot day. And you thought pools were just for swan floaties and diving boards.

Make a List, Check it Twice Creating a checklist will help you get the pool prepped ready and go when summer hits.

  • Inspect pool cover for holes and damage

  • Inspect cleaning tools, including pole, brush, nets, etc.

  • Inspect your pool pump for any signs of physical damage; contact us ASAP if you notice any leaking or damages!

  • Thoroughly prep your pool ready for pool opening season!

  • Don’t forget to have pool games and entertainment.

Everyone enjoys holidays, right? Make this a yearly tradition that your family and friends can enjoy every last Saturday in April. So go on, celebrate National Pool Opening Day right!

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